Sketch of The Week….The Avengers!

Just a quick run down of what “we” are doing.  Ken Knudtsen, Walter Simonson, Larry Hama and myself will be doing a sketch based off a theme we’ll all work off of each week for as long as we can keep it up.  Should be pretty fun to see what everyone does with the same theme.

This week our them will be, The Avengers.

I gotta admit that after sketching Star Wars, Lord of The Rings and Gatchaman…I was a little bored by this theme.

Regardless, I basically wanted to draw a emotionless Vision with a “crazy” Scarlet Witch.  And I know this may sound silly, but I wanted to have those circle things coming out of The Scarlet Witches hands.  ha

To this day it still really doesn’t make any sense how these two could be in a relationship together.

To make it more real, they should have made The Scarlet Witch have like…some weird fetishes or something.  I still think the Vision is one of the cooler looking characters.  But did he ever have to like….recharge his battery or anything???  Or did he just never get tired?




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