Sketch of The Week, Fight Club!

Just a quick run down of what “we” are doing.  Ken Knudtsen, Walter Simonson, Larry Hama and myself will be doing a sketch based off a theme we’ll all work off of each week for as long as we can keep it up.  Should be pretty fun to see what everyone does with the same theme.

This week, we’re going with the movie Fight Club!

I can’t believe this movie came out in 1999???  Holy cow…is that right?

I haven’t watched this movie in a couple years, so it was great to rewatch again.  After rewatching it, I realized how difficult it was trying to pick out a single scene to illustrate.  So I just basically started doodling as I watched.  I seriously had a blast watching and sketching this movie.

It took me a while to color it up…

I had a hard time picking out colors because of how dark the movie was.  Each time I colored it, it just got darker and darker and harder to read.  When I eventually landed on the final product, I was pretty happy with what I ended up with.

Here is a look at the line art without any of the distressing or text.

This original was done on a 9×12 piece of paper.  Drawn with a 4H pencil and a Sharpie Pen.  After scanning it in, I created a bitmap tiff out of the line art.  And laid down the textures and colors in Adobe Illustrator.

Can’t wait to see what Ken has next.




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