Some more drawings…

So was out of town for the Labor Day weekend.  Didn’t get to do too much sketching so wanted to upload some more drawings I’ve been doing for work.

This piece was done for a recycling theme.  I didn’t want to do something typical like a bunch of things to form up a recycle symbol.  So for some reason I ended up drawing this weird recycled looking swamp monster….with a big gold recycle chain around his neck.

Here is the line art of this piece for anyone interested in seeing it.

And this next piece was done for a spy theme.  When I think of spies, I think of shoe phones, inspector gadget, magnifying glasses and little round bombs.  I wanted to draw a cute little turtle being haunted by his shadow on this one.

I really enjoy drawing stuff like this.  I love adding “serious” textures to cuter and funnier looking characters.

Here is the line art if you’re interested in seeing this without any color.

I colored both these pieces in Adobe Illustrator if anybody was curious.

Anyway, will be getting back on track with the “sketch of the week” this week.

So talk to you guys soon.




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