Two more Art Prints for The NY Comic Con…

So the NY Comic Con is coming up in a few weeks.  I really can’t believe it.  I feel like I just got back from the San Diego Comic Con!

For the first time in years, I’ll be bringing some Art Prints with me to sell at the Con.  I’ll start rolling them out on the site for everyone to see one at a time.  But in about a week, will have a pretty big announcement as to some other prints that will be available.

Here are the two other Sketch of The Week Lord of The Rings pieces I did.

Both prints will be on 110 lb matte card stock paper.  And again, I’ll only be bringing a few of each one with me.  I might just go ahead and sell the three Lord of The Ring pieces as a set.  But each print will come in a polybag to keep it nice and clean while you walk the floor.  Unfortunately I won’t have any poster tubes or cardboard sleeves for them.

Definitely swing by the con and come by our booth 1849 and take a look at them in person for yourself.

We’ll also be hosting our “Legends Hour” which was so much fun last year.

And be prepared to meet Walter Simonson, Geof Darrow and Larry Hama once again at the Epic Proportions Booth 1849!

See you in October!




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