NY Comic Con….That’s a Wrap!

Wow….that’s all I can say.

Another NY Comic Con is done….and I can’t believe it.  The last month or so has just been a whirlwind.  From preparing for it, to setting up, to being there in the middle of it all and back to breaking down and getting it all back home.


This Con I was lucky enough to have my 2nd Annual “Legends Hour” with Walter Simonson, Geof Darrow and Larry Hama.  I also had some NYCC Exclusive art prints of Walter’s at the booth as well as some exclusive tees.  On top of all that, Larry Hama was only to be found at our Epic Proportions booth.   Meaning he wasn’t doing any signings or appearances anywhere but at our booth!

How cool is that???

Walter Simonson and Larry Hama meeting fans and signing stuff for them
Geof Darrow drawing on tees that fans were getting

For this post, I figured I’d show a bit of the setting up and the con floor before/after the opening hours.

setting up

Setting up really begins back at my apartment.  I woke up at 7:30am to rent a UHaul van, drove it to my apartment and loaded it up.  Drove on down to the Javits Center where Ren and Liren helped me unload and set up the booth.    We were at The Javits on Wed, the day before the con started setting up.  By the time we unloaded the van it was 10:30am.  We finished setting up at 4pm.  At that point we had realized we didn’t even have breakfast yet.  But there really is a bit of excitement as you get to your empty 10×10 space.  You see this empty space and its up to you to try and make it stand out from the rest.

epic proportions booth 1849

Now I know that I don’t have the best booth at the con.  I know that our booth is really just a blip on the floor.  Nonetheless I am extremely proud of what we were able to do to our raw space.  I wrestled with the idea of having lanterns hanging over the booth for a while.  After speaking with Cliff Chiang about it, I was convinced into bringing them with me.  The reason why I was wrestling with the idea is because I had to lug those 10 foot poles down to the Javits just for the lanterns.  Those things are heavy!

But at the end of the day, I think it was totally worth it.

So one of the best parts of being at Comic Con for me at least, is getting a chance to catch up with friends.  Generally I only get a few minutes per con to walk around and see people.  This con was no different, but I did get to see almost everyone I wanted to.

Andy MacDonald and Ivan Brandon

Andy MacDonald and Ivan Brandon….these guys have done so much cool work with their careers.  But to me, I’ll always remember them for creating NYC Mech.

Bernard Chang chatting with Larry Hama

Bernard Chang…what can I say about him?  I love his work.  He’s really amazing.  And to make me like his work even more, he drew me into his latest work…Dead Man for the new 52 from DC.  And stopped by the booth to give me the original page!

that's me running at the top left of the page

Apparently I am a Chinese American spy in this story and my character reappears in issue 4!  Everyone should run out and pick this comic up!

cliff chiang!

Then Cliff Chiang stopped by in between signings for a bit.  Cliff is the artist of Wonder Woman for the new 52.  And obviously has done a Signature Series Tee for us!

Ken Knudtsen

And then of course, there is Ken Knudtsen.  Ken and I have been through so much at these things.  Ken had a bunch of new art prints to offer up and apparently everybody was going crazy over them.

Then of course there are the costumes!  I L-O-V-E seeing all the creativity from the fans.  I particularly love it when we get to see more home made costumes and not store bought stuff.  So I decided to to make something of a gallery of some of my favorite costumes at the con.

And then there was one costume that just blew me away.

The Shogun of Harlem!  From that crappy Bruce Lee knock off movie…Way of The Dragon!

This guy cracked me up.

So on Friday morning October 14th, I arrived to the Javits Center at 9am(floor opens at 10) only to be greeted by a line that was wrappring around the block!  I get to the first guy on line and ask him what time he got there….5:30am!!!

Keep in mind that if you were to get to the con at say…10:30am you could walk right in.  So these guys were there super early to have bragging rights on that they were the first ones to set foot inside.  Seriously…some might make fun of this and say what dorks these guys are.  I like to look at it as how passionate they are for this craft.  And it really makes me proud to be a part of an event of this magnitude.

Overall the con was a great success for me.  I had a blast there.

Seriously, I even enjoy the waking up extra early to get into the con before everyone else does.  I enjoy staying late after the floor is closed to make sure nobody steals from me.  Although this year, there was one incident I with didn’t happen.  Either super late Saturday night or super early Sunday morning, some jerk had gone through my booth and stolen quite a bit from me.  Where were the volunteers that were supposed to “guard” my booth???  Oh well.

You take the good with the bad though.  And the great response I received from everyone there made all the work and preparation for it worth every second.  Even though I’m happy it’s over, I can’t wait for next years show.

Now I’m just going to post some pics of the show.

my nephews Dante and Axel!

Thanks so much for everyone showing up.  And a special thanks for all the people that helped make this con possible for me.  In no specific order:  Eric Ma, Ken Knudtsen, James DeCola, Jimmy Ma, Rich Ma, Dante Ma, Axel Ma, Walter Simonson, Louisse Simonson, Steven Hoveke, Geof Darrow, Larry Hama, William Morales, Diana Morales, Sally and Steven Shih, Cheung and Jane Li, Ren Hsieh, Dot Lin, Liren Hsieh, Carl Traina, Joe Visconti, David Maslin, Cary Tu, Joe Reiter, Bernard Chang, John Paul Leon, Sean Chenn, Fletcher Chufong, Cliff Chiang and of course Joyce Li.




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