The first 16 Star Wars Galaxy 7 Sketch Cards…

So here are my first 16 Star Wars Galaxy 7 Sketch cards!

I have been a little slower than I thought with these.  I thought I’d be up to about 25-30 by now.  But I’m not too worried.  Each of these cards measures at 2.5 x 3.5″.  And I’ve drawn them all with my Sharpie pen and using some grey tone Prismacolor markers.  I haven’t done a full color piece yet obviously, but intend on doing so soon.

So far, these are my two favorites.

As a Star Wars fan, these really have been pretty fun to work on.  I’m learning that Darth Vader is clearly the hardest one to draw.  I think I did ok on one of them, but I should not have added the grey tones to it.  I’m learning that sometimes it’s better to just rely on the line art and not muddy things up with tones.

Anyway, hope you guys are liking these.  I’ll update them probably every 10 after this.




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