My final batch of Star Wars Galaxy 7 Sketch Cards!


I’m done.

You have no idea how happy I am to say those words.  Unfortunately, I carried over some bad habits from my last batch of cards and rushed through a few of these.  And they suffered tremendously for them.  But then I decided to break my rule of only drawing the original three films, and I drew Darth Maul.

Which really did help.  It helped a lot to be able to draw someone new that I hadn’t drawn yet.

Then, with my final four, I worked pretty hard at doing what I hope are some of my better sketches.

Anyway, I’m done.


I can’t say that enough.

All 106 of them are done.  I feel great.

This was pretty grueling.  Now that I’m done I can say that it was fun and a great experience.  But I highly doubt I’ll be doing this again anytime soon.

I will say that I’m pretty pumped to do some Star Wars commissions at cons now.  I can draw quite a few of these guys from memory now.

Think I’ll go enjoy a drink of Johnny Blue now.

Talk to you guys later.




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