Secret Identities 2, BURN


So some of you may know that I’m the art director for Secret Identities.  We’ve been working on the second volume for some time now, and this time I’ll be working on a original piece along with my brother Jimmy.

Together we’re going to remix our original self published book BURN and use it for the book.  This version of BURN will be a period piece though.  We’ll be using The Opium Wars and The Boxer Rebellion as a heavy influence over the story.

This here is one of my first illustrations for the short we’re doing for Secret Identities 2 to help get a grasp of the feel of the story.

Don’t want to get too into things before we have more to show, but thought this would be a nice little update and proof that we are indeed working on the new volume.

So far our list of contributors and the stories they’ve been working on look to make the 2nd volume much tighter and hopefully better than the first.




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