hmmm….I smell something rotten here…..why YES, I’ve been swiped!

I originally posted this on January 11,2012.  I am now updating this post today January 12,2012 with yet another store I have found selling this design swiped from me.


The NBA Store of all people!

sheesh…I am starting to come to a loss for words.


This part of the post was originally written on January 11, 2012.

So this was just brought to my attention earlier today.  If you look at the above image, the design on the left, the one on Blue I personally designed March 15, 2011.  Which I can prove HERE.

I wrote all about it on my blog about which day I sent it out to the factory, when I received it back from them, etc.  I mean, this design I did was even written about by the guys at Hoopeduponline.com HERE.

I’m just saying that this is MY design.

Earlier today, A friend of mine sent me a link to Modell’s “uniquely designed” tee.  I’m not going to use their link as I don’t want to promote them.  It’s easy enough to go there yourself and find it if you must.  But here is a screengrab of the tee.


Look, I understand that this industry is all about using what other people did as inspiration.  But these guys at UNK flat out ripped me off.  Which I don’t really appreciate.  Why didn’t I make more you ask?

Simple.  I do this out of passion for art and design.  I’m not a big company.  I work out of my apartment.  I do this for people that really appreciate real art and real design.  I don’t even make money off of this stuff.  In general I actually lose a lot of money when I make new designs.  But I keep doing it because there are some people out there that genuinely get excited at what I do.  That motivates me.  It inspires me.

Generally, I try to do what I can to help others.  I do as much charity work as I can.  I really do try to give back to everyone that inspires me and keeps me going.

But then you find guys like this.

And it disgusts me.

I’m going to try everything in my power to get them to stop this.  Me being just a single person….I’m pretty sure I don’t have the resources to fight them.

So I’m asking you…everyone…anyone reading this.  If you’re reading this blog post, I’d like to think you guys are aware of how genuine in what I’m saying.  In knowing that I am trying to make a difference, and not a quick buck.

Please share this post with as many people as you can.

I need your help to show that the little guy can’t always get picked on.

Thanks for listening.




One thought on “ep3-287

  1. Hey, just wanted to wish you luck with this. Also, for the text in the comparison photo should read —

    “My design, which was done March of 2011. Their design, which came out recently…” (not ‘they’re’)

    If you copyright your designs, you could contact that other company & work out a solution. E.g. they can give you credit for this design, offer compensation in money or even future work, etc.

    If they don’t want to work with you, meet with a few law firms that specialize in copyright infringment. They’d probably be in a better position to determine how successful your case would be, as well as the costs vs. possible recovery amount.

    All the best!

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