Just wanted to update this post with this new jpg that I added a touch of color to.


Been a while since I’ve posted any actual artwork.  Figured I’d show you guys what I do when I’m at work sitting around waiting to enter a meeting.  Obviously I doodle a LOT when I’m just sitting around waiting.  So instead of just continue that, I figured….I’d just draw a Knick or two between meetings at work.  And hopefully eventually I’d get a decent enough montage shot of some of my favorite players.  I started with Patrick on the bottom.  Which I was very happy with.  The second guy I drew was Anthony Mason.  I just L-O-V-E-D all the ridiculous stuff he would shave into his head back then.  Unfortunately, as I continued doing this time would dictate how much effort I would put into each figure.  And I gotta say…..Carmelo and Oak are pretty awful.  Oh well…maybe next time, right?

Can’t tell you how long this took as I did it in increments.  Generally about 5-10 minutes per guy.  Hopefully you can tell who is who.

I’ve got John Starks, Larry Johnson, Allan Houston, Mark Jackson, Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Patrick Ewing.  I was hoping to throw in Gerald Wilkins and Johnny Newman, but ran out of space on my page.  This was done real rough inside of my sketchbook/notebook at work with a 2H pencil and Sharpie Pen.

And this is just some of the guys I enjoyed watching as I was growing up.  Which is why Clyde, Walt, Earl, Bernard, etc are not on it.  I’d be here forever if I was doing all the Knick greats.  I was about to add Starbury, until common sense took over.

Ok, gotta get back to work now.




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