Some Jeremy Lin love…..cuz you know…he hasn’t had enough yet.   So it had to happen.  How could I resist??? I’m a diehard Knick fan…and obviously I’m all in on this “Jeremy Lin Show” thing.  So I’ll be making these two designs.  The top blue tee…is rather obvious.  I’m using the same style I used… Continue reading ep3-291


I’m really on twitter(@epicprops) now… So I’ve finally joined twitter!  I know this may sound retarded to some of you as I’ve been tweeting for months now.  But I’ve really only signed on just a few days ago.  My Secret Identities mate and good friend Keith Chow had set up the Epic Proportions Facebook page,… Continue reading ep3-290


Looking for some young Graphic Designers…   Hey guys.  I haven’t posted in a while.  And it’s because I’ve been swamped with stuff.  And I was thinking it might be about time I asked for some help by any of you young graphic designers out there. Being honest on this, I can’t offer all that… Continue reading ep3-289