Some Jeremy Lin love…..cuz you know…he hasn’t had enough yet.


So it had to happen.  How could I resist???

I’m a diehard Knick fan…and obviously I’m all in on this “Jeremy Lin Show” thing.  So I’ll be making these two designs.  The top blue tee…is rather obvious.  I’m using the same style I used on my STAT/Melo tee and applied it to Jeremy’s dunk against Washington.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this design, but I had so many people asking I figured I should just do what people want me to do.

But then on the orange tee, I have J.Lin breaking down a defender and taking it to the basket.  This graphic will wrap around from the back of the tee up to the wearer’s front left chest.  I think it’ll look pretty cool once it’s done.  Plus this will be the most amount of colors I think I’ll ever use on a tee.  I’m calling this tee “the swirling dirvish”.  I really wanted to illustrate how J.Lin attacks the basket with no fear.

J.Lin "The Dunk" artwork closeup


J.Lin "Swirling Dirvish" artwork closeup

So let me tell you how I’ll be handling orders on these.

“The Dunk”(blue tee), I’ll be making a few more of these.  I’ll be making them in:

womens sizes: Small and Medium

mens sizes: Medium, Large, Xlarge and XXLarge

“Swirling Dirvish”(orange tee), I’ll only be making them in:

mens sizes: Large and XLarge


I’m only making a few of each size. At most, I’ll be making about 20 of each size…tops.  Also, all tees are printed on American Apparel…if that helps with sizing.

And I’ll be charging $25 per tee.  Plus $5 for shipping.

Also, I’m not going to make any money off of these….literally.  But I won’t be losing money on it either.  So what I’m going to do is, the second I make back the amount of money I spent on these tees, I’ll be donating everything else to The Jeremy Lin Foundation.  I’m not kidding when I say I’m really only doing this for the fun of it.  And it would seem weird to me to be making money off of a Taiwanese brother.

So I think this would be the best solution.

But again…I’m no saint here….I’m still looking to cover my costs first.  And then every penny afterwards goes to the foundation.

I’ll be taking pre-orders right now.  So if anybody wants to ensure that they get one, they can email me at:  jerry@epicprops.com.

And then we can talk about order of the list you’d receive the tee and all the little details.

I’ll only be accepting paypal on this one guys.  Sorry for anybody who doesn’t have paypal.

Again, that’s $25 for the tee and $5 for shipping.  It’ll be $5 whether or not you want both tees or just one.

I’ll be sending these designs to the factory today.  So it’s going to take about 3-5 weeks until completion.  Sorry, I know this is a long time…but this part is really out of my hands.

And email me at jerry@epicprops.com to confirm your preorder.




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