My new Ipad cover!


Now…I generally don’t want to waste anybody’s time by writing about things I buy.  But I just thought this was so damn cool, I had to.  This is my new magnetic wood ipad cover with my logo engraved into it!

It took 6 weeks to do, and it was quite expensive priced at $120.  I had almost forgotten about it until it came in the mail today.  And daaammmmnnnn….daddy like!

it bends nicely
full shot


As you can see from these images of it, the cover bends pretty well.  And it feels pretty sturdy.  Not flimsy at all.  I’m not crazy with the height it achieves though.  I’ll most likely use it only as a cover.  And still bring my stand around to watch movies and run apps off of.  The inside of the cover is a nice soft felt also.  Which will not scratch your ipad screen at all.

Overall, I think its a pretty good product made by MINIOT.

Check it out if you want.  I’m super happy with mine.





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