Secret Identities 2, BURN page 1 pencils to ink….


So I posted the pencils to this page a little while ago.  Have been sitting on the inked version of it for a bit and realized I should post it up.  Not sure how long it took me to ink this, but it went a little quicker than I had been expecting.  Which is a good thing I hope.  Most of you are probably reading this thinking I butchered it or something.

But I’ve been trying to play with textures a lot more recently.  I want to use textures in place of solid blacks.  So that when I do go with a solid black, it’ll have a huge impact.  Hopefully it’ll all work out for me.

pencils to ink


The above image is to show how I went from my semi-loose pencils to ink.  I used a 4H pencil, which is a hard lead.  I like it because it gives me a hard clean light line.  Which is easy to erase.  I find when using a soft lead(which most artists like), it leaves too much smudging from my hand going over panels and stuff.  And is just a pain in the ass to clean up in photoshop with.

When I inked the page, I just used my sharpie pen.  Which is my favorite pen in the whole world.

Whenever I get around to grey toning this page, I’ll post it up too.

Maybe over the weekend or something.




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