Otomo – GENGA Tokyo


So I was just in Tokyo and was lucky enough to be there while the Otomo Genga show was still going on.

For those of you who don’t know, Otomo is the creator of AKIRA.  Which is like….one of the most influential manga/anime of all time.  There were over 2000 of his original pieces on display at the show.

Unfortunately, people were only allowed to take pictures in the final room of the show….lucky for you guys though, I’m one sneaky mofo and managed to snap off a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

one of the rooms displaying the original pages to Akira


some of the original painted Akira covers


close up of one Akira page


another close up, this display looked amazing from a distance. but didn't do the originals justice up close


some more painted Akira pieces


the wall in the final photo room, that people would "sign"


the jacket


the bike...


The show it self was amazing.  It was packed.  And it was so cool to see the manga/comic form taken in such a serious light.  And not just some fanboy type of thing the way it would be perceived here in the States.

The final photo room, you could donate an additional 500 yen to get to wear the jacket and sit on the bike for photo ops.

Also, Otomo had done this show to have proceeds from the show be donated to the Save Japan Tsunami charity.

This show was really worth the trip on its own.  I ended up picking up the illustration book for the show as well as two other t shirts.

Worth every penny.




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