Secret Identities volume 2, BURN pg 3 pencils to ink…


So here is page 3 of 10 for my short story in Secret Identities Volume 2, for the BURN story my brother Jimmy and I are working on.  This page took me a little while just because of the framing on the sides of the page.  I started to pencil the left side frame of the page, when about 30 minutes into it, I realized I would have to ink it as well.  So I then just decided to go ahead and draw the rest of the “frame” with a pen and skip the pencil part of that process.

This page is most likely a bit confusing to the reader without any text.  But its obviously a montage style page, that we’re using for telling some history and background on our story.  The next page will be set up this way as well.

page 3 pencils to ink


Above is a look at how I went from pencils to ink.  I’ve been using some relatively loose pencils for these pages and relying on inking them to get more detail into them.  Hopefully this is working out well….





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