San Diego Comic Con BOOTH 1221!


Just a little preview of the different tees I’ll be bringing along with me to Comic Con next week.

For those of you who might not know, this will be my last year exhibiting at the San Diego Comic Con.  With the NY Comic Con getting as big as it is, there just isn’t much of a need for me go out to San Diego and set up shop.

So please swing by the booth if you can(BOOTH 1221) and say whats up.

I’ll be sharing booth space with Cliff Chiang again and will be neighbors with Bernard Chang and Sean Chen.

All great guys and obviously well established in the comic industry.

I’ll also have some new art prints on me as well as all my pages for Secret Identities on me for everyone to check out.

As a little bonus, Larry Hama of GI Joe fame will be signing at the booth on friday July 13th from 3-5pm as well!  So I’m pretty excited about that obviously.

I also may bring a couple of my Jeremy Lin tees on me to hopefully celebrate the fact that the Knicks will have resigned him by then.

Hoping to make this last con a special one.




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