Customized Nike Elite Socks!


So a little while ago, good friend Tony Chan of Bo Clothing was good enough to bring me to the Nike House of Hoops up in Harlem to take advantage of one of his friends there.  Apparently Nike is going around customizing socks for rabid customers.  They gave customers about 5 different designs to choose from.  But since Tony had friends there, I was able to finagle some of my own designs onto the socks.


some of my favorite ladies…


enter the text


the monkey king


j. lin


The artwork is heat pressed on, so I’m pretty sure they won’t handle the washer machine very well.  Truth be told, I don’t ever expect to actually wear these.  I just wanted to have them as collector items.  And no, I don’t ever intend on making these, producing these or selling these.

It was all just for fun.  I’ve seen some of these things go on ebay for ridiculous amounts of money.

Maybe one of these days…I’ll wear them with a suit or something.




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