So I’m a big Knicks fan….die hard actually.  And I think I’m beginning to realize that I may be an even bigger Jeremy Lin fan.  Most non Asian people will never know/understand what he means to us.  They like to make jokes and think its funny.  But I like to think of it as he’s our own special talent that only Asian people will fully appreciate and understand.

So I did this illustration.  It may or may not be used in the future on some other J.Lin stuff.  Lets hope that it does.  But even if it doesn’t, it was important for me to do this….just out of respect for the guy.  If I’m being honest…I never ever thought he would be this good.  I watched him in college and thought he couldn’t handle the ball.  He was never a true point guard to me.  But then I had the pleasure/honor of watching him as a Knick.  Making everyone around him better.  I got to take my Dad to his first start against Utah.

I got to watch clowns like Steve Novak, Jared Jefferies and Landry Fields become important again because of Lin.

A lot of people say he only did it for 30 games.

I say I’m still waiting for Melo to give me 30 games.

And I say Lin wins more playoff games than Melo when its all said and done.

My first stab at the pencils. Only drew Knick “moments”.
After realizing my blunder, I added moments from the rest of his career.
Final inked version before I colored it.




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