Yes We’re Open


As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been very fortunate to be loosely associated with this film, Yes We’re Open.

First of all, its a really well written film about couples dealing with open relationships.  Actors Lynn Chen, Parry Shen, Sheetal Sheth and Kerry McCrohan really do present a realistic scenario that sucks you into the story.

And maybe I’m a little biased as I know them, but I think Lynn and Parry really show how talented they are with the performances they put up.

To make it even cooler for me, Parry wears a few of my tees in this film which you can see HERE in one of my older posts.

Anyway, the real reason why I’m writing is because now that the movie is available to be purchased by digital download(only $5!) or by my preferred choice, dvd(only $10!) you get the chance to see what else I got to do for the film!

Which was to draw the above image shown.  And that image is being used as a limited edition lithograph print that fits quite nicely inside the dvd box.

As a pretty big movie fan, this is obviously one of the cooler things for me to see my work get used.

process of pencils to inks
process of pencils to inks

If I’m being honest, I felt a pretty decent amount of pressure on illustrating this piece as I mean….I’d like to think I’m pretty good friends with both Lynn and Parry.  Lynn is not only one of our contributing writers to Secret Identities, but it turns out that we grew up in neighboring towns.  And Parry…well I mean…come on.  We’re partners on Secret Identities and Shattered.

And I must say, both Lynn and Parry were the two most difficult faces for me to draw…for whatever reason.

But in the end, I think it worked out pretty well.  And I’m pretty happy with the end results.

The original piece is done on a 2 ply smooth 11×17″ bristol board.  I don’t remember how long this took me to do, but it wasn’t quick.

But it was sooooooooo much fun to work on.  And I sincerely mean this when I say it is an extremely enjoyable movie to watch.  The dialogue is really witty and sharp.  The acting and direction is all on point.  Plus you get to see some of my tees in there…which I mean…c’mon.  That has to be the most important thing in this movie, right?


But if you’re a fan of having fun watching a movie, then order this dvd.  Not only do you get the litho print that I illustrated for it, but you can even choose which actor, actors sign it!  Seriously…how cool is that?

Yes We’re Open





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