Linsanity….The Movie!


Ok….so here we go.

Jeremy Lin…he means…a LOT to me.  As an Asian American I can’t describe the feeling I had when I got to watch him play…no….START at point guard for my favorite team…my home town New York Knicks.

There it was….a Taiwanese American…starting at the beloved position we all grew up dreaming about playing.  I had the pleasure/honor of bringing my father to his very first start against the Utah Jazz at Madison Square Garden, February 5th.

My father actually thanked me after the game for making him go watch with me, my brother and my cousin.

Now…..I can’t believe I get to say this.  But I get to say that I did some work for The Jeremy Lin Documentary….Linsanity.

My good friend Brian Yang is the producer…my other friend Evan Leong is the director.  All of us….can think of Jeremy Lin as both the star…and our friend.

I was lucky/fortunate/honored to get the chance to do some promo work for this movie.  Including working on the movie poster.  Now…I am by no means a graphic designer by trade.  I’m an illustrator.  But when Brian asked me…how could I resist???

These guys….Evan, Brian, Allen, Patricia, Sam, Greg, Chris, Josh and James…they’ve been working soooo hard to give us all the chance to see how it all REALLY went down.  We all know how Jeremy got cut by the Warriors…the Rockets…riding the pine on the Knicks bench before he finally got his chance on February 4th against the New Jersey Nets.  But now not only do we get to relive all those magical moments one more time…but we get to see how it all went down.  How it all came together in that one perfect storm known no better as Linsanity.

I miss you Jeremy.

And I hope this documentary will help shed some light on how much you meant to all of us.  Not just “us” as Asian Americans, but “us” as loyal faithful die hard New York Knick fans.

You mean the world to us man.  Some of the most cherished moments of my life.

Now…it’s up to us to help bring these moments back.  To help bring how it all went down to the surface.  To help show how incredibly Linsane we all were…even if just for two months.

Support the kickstarter campaign HERE.

Even a dollar people….isn’t that worth a chance at reliving one of our most cherished moments?

Linsanity….I can’t wait.




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