The Dragon vs The Butterfly…


So just received my shipment of Dragon vs Butterfly tees in earlier today and I really must say, I think they came out simply beautiful.  The guys over at Pete’s Print Shop did a amazing job on these and I always recommend them to anyone interested in getting tees made.

But on to business.

These tees are a water based screen print on a organic natural colored American Apparel tee.  Which is just a fancy way of saying that I spent some more money on them to make them extra soft(which they are) and comfortable to wear(which I hope they are).

I’ll be handling sales on these tees a little differently.

I’ve only made a handful of these, so they’ll be pretty limited.  I’m only going to allow people to order a maximum of 2 tees per person.

Each tee will cost $25, and $6 for shipping.  Whether you order 1 or 2 tees, the shipping will be $6.

If you’re interested in getting one or two tees, just shoot me an email at jerry@epicprops.com and I’ll explain to you how we’re going to get one in your hands.

Mens sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge

Womens sizes: Medium, Large

I’ll begin shipping tees out immediately.

dvsb-01 dvsb-02 dvsb-03

Again, I’ve only made a handful of these.  Please understand that I’m going to be scaling back my production on making tees going forward.  It’s just gotten a little to much for one person to handle.  And I’ll be handling all sales of any new designs this way.

Hope everyone likes these tees as much as I do.





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