NY Comic Con…Epic Proportions / Secret Identities Universe Booth 2010!

nycc'13-1 The NY Comic Con is here!  And it’s going to be a special one for me!

This con will most likely be my last comic con as an exhibitor.  No, I haven’t been losing money and no, business is not bad.

The truth is, “Epic Proportions” has always really just been a one man operation.  And not a company at all.  So going to cons for me, although incredibly fun and rewarding, have always been an incredible amount of work.  And as I get further along with my career, it gets harder and harder to dedicate time to creating my own tshirts and setting up at cons.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be making tees.  Just not on the scale you may have grown accustomed to.  And I’ll still be going to cons, but just in Artist Alley.  Where things are a little simpler and easier for me to handle.

Which leads me to my next announcement…

nycc'13-2I’ll be in TWO places at once this NY Comic Con!

To help smooth over the transition from exhibitor to artist alley, I’ll be going back and fourth from the main floor and artist alley.  In artist alley, I’ll be sharing a table with Ken Knudtsen!  Remember him?

The guy I started this whole adventure with?

I can’t believe how long we’ve been doing cons.  And how Ken and I started off by sharing one 6 foot table together.   ahhh…the memories.

Which makes me so proud of how I’ll be “going out” this year.  This year I’ll be boasting my largest booth yet!  I’ll be sporting a 10×20 foot corner Booth 2010 on the main exhibit floor as well as being set up in artist alley table V12.

What’s the difference you ask?

Well, it’s more of a difference for me personally.  I generally get different opportunities as an exhibitor than I do in artist alley.

In Artist Alley I’ll have a chance to do some art commissions for people and get to talk to people as an artist.  On the exhibit floor, I’m trying to move my “brand” forward on a corporate level.

Either way, it’ll be a good one.

We have some amazing guest signings as well as some great con exclusives!

I can’t wait for this.

Hope to catch you all there.





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