NY Comic Con…That’s a Wrap!

boothSo I know Comic Con has been over for a little bit now.  Sorry about how long this has taken.  But I really did feel the need to talk about this specific con.

Only because I was able to have my biggest booth yet.

If you’ve been to Comic Con before, you probably don’t think of this as a big deal.  But for me…it demonstrated to myself that maybe I haven’t been a complete mess my whole life.  This booth was a 10×20 corner booth.

When I first started this journey, I literally was splitting a 6 foot table that didn’t even have a table cloth with my buddy Ken Knudtsen over in Artist Alley.

how the booth looked before we set it up.
how the booth looked before we set it up.

Setting up this 10×20 booth took 2 days at the Javits.  So a special thank you to Ren Hsieh and Liren Teng for helping me with this.

The con was a great success for me.

How do you measure “success” at something like this?  For some people it simply comes down to dollars and cents.  For others its networking and making connections.  Of course simply meeting up with old friends and having fun comes into order…or maybe its all three.

For me, it was being able to grow.  Being able to see some of the great and loyal people that have been following me since day one.  And being able to share a moment with them in how far this has all come.

one of my favorite moments at the con
one of my favorite moments at the con

This picture right here…this was one of my favorite moments of the con.  I was still setting up the booth(this was on Thursday of the con).  Before the general public was allowed in.  Cliff Chiang and his brother John came by just to talk for a minute.

Then as if on cue, Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards and Sean Chen come walking in at the same time.

I’d like to think that all these guys are friends.  But the fanboy in me was geeking out.  It was just so soo sooo cool that I got to hang out with these guys, even if just for a few minutes.

And then comes the con.

Doors open and people are actually rushing over to my booth to get stuff and just talk.  Its all great.  But it actually gets better as at this con, I had the honor of hosting some super cool signings.

Greg Pak, Cliff Chiang, Bernard Chang, Larry Hama and Walter Simonson!

And have you heard of people posting old pictures of themself up on facebook and calling it “throwback thursday” or something like that?

Well I’d like to think I one up’d all those people by doing a “throwback comic con” and splitting an artist alley table with Ken Knudtsen again!

1380625_10151988175122835_1361635707_nSo I was spending a few hours a day back in artist alley.

It was a pretty ambitious plan, but I think it worked out in the end.

This con I was also sharing the booth with Secret Identities.

1380835_10151989831767835_1286704819_nOne of my partners in crime, Keith Chow was able to make it down for the con too.  So it was obviously great to promote and push the book with Keith.  It makes me feel honored that people are still excited about the book and its mission.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took at the con.

Thanks for reading.

And thanks to everyone for coming by.

A special thanks goes to, in no specific order:

Fiona Chin, Chum Chum, Annie Lee, Toni Nicosia, Raymond Chow, Ren Hsieh, Liren Teng, Walter Simonson, Larry Hama, Greg Pak, Cliff Chiang, Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards, Sean Chen, Ken Knudtsen, Keith Chow, Debbie Liu, Bob Wu, Ted Chen, AJ Lazo, Alan Ma, Eric Ma, Nick Merchant




walter simonson!
walter simonson!
greg pak!
greg pak!
greg pak and cliff chiang!
greg pak and cliff chiang!
larry hama!
bernard chang and larry hama!
cliff chiang!
cliff chiang!


cliff chiang and walter simonson!
cliff chiang and walter simonson!
bernard chang!
bernard chang!

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