Chun Li and Cammy!

chun-cammy colorSo I’ve been super busy recently.  Trying to get lots of work done.  Sometimes I feel like…the best thing to do is actually take a night off.

So I thought since I was taking the night off from work, I might as well do a sketch of some women.  I wanted to get a action-like pose of two women together.  And who better than Chun Li and Cammy from StreetFighter?

I wish I could say I knocked this out quickly.  But this was the first time I had drawn either of these ladies.  It took me a solid 90 minutes to draw this.

I like trying to do these “warm up” drawings quicker.  To try and get me a little faster in general when I draw.

chun-cammyEven though it took me a little longer than I was hoping for, I am more or less pretty happy with it.  Thought I’d include the black and white line art for you all to see.

Used my typical 4H pencil, Sharpie Pen and Prismacolor Markers to do this on a 9×12 sketchpad.

Now….back to work.





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