Designing Taiwan Poster Contest!

TAIWAN HERITAGEOk…so as some…or really very few of you probably know, I am a Taiwanese American.  And quite proud of it too.

So when the opportunity came to be involved with my Taiwanese culture, I couldn’t pass on the chance.

Generally, I HATE entering art contests.  The truth is, I have NEVER won an art contest in my life.  And I’m talking about my entire life.  I remember always losing when I was in elementary school.  And being so discouraged to ever enter.

Then in my high school years I had entered a art contest at a local comic store in Jersey…where I got 5th place….

I recently found out that my buddy Cliff Chiang had entered the very same contest only to get 2nd place.  We would both really like to see who won 1st place now…

And then finally a few years ago I entered a art contest for Threadless…where I obviously failed as predicted.

Now this…

Honestly…I am just assuming I have zero chance to win.  I just wanted to be somehow involved with my Taiwanese background.  Most people don’t know what it’s like being an Asian American.  Here in New York, I’m considered Asian.  But when I head over to Asia, I am considered an American.  It really can be difficult at times and a little demoralizing.

That being said, whenever I head back to Taiwan…I sincerely mean that I feel welcomed and at home.

I love Taiwan.

So I hope that my love for Taiwan is conveyed a little bit through this illustration.  To hell with the contest.  I already know I’ve lost.

But I hope I get to achieve what I sought out to do.  Which is to just be a little more involved with my Taiwanese culture.

I tried to involve some touristy things like Taipei 101(not easy to draw by the way), the gondola ride of the Maokung mountains, the Shilin Night Market and I also wanted to show some things that I think of when I think of Taiwan.  Like all the mopeds at each traffic light and the betlenut stands.

I’d like to thank my friend Ho Chie Tsai who gave me the friendly reminder to get involved.  Ho Chie does amazing work for the Taiwanese American community and runs the website, TaiwaneseAmerican.org.

my pencils for my entry
my pencils for my entry
my inks for my entry
my inks for my entry





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