3 Key Ingredients into Making 1 Killer Kung Fu Movie….

3INGREDIENTSSo I did this one page…illustration/comic for the New York Asian Film Festival’s Official Magazine.  This magazine to my knowledge will be given away for free at this years festival.

You can find out about the festival HERE.

Unfortunately the deadline for it was pretty tight, so I pumped this out in one day.  Which may be enough time for most people, but definitely not me.

So it isn’t my best work by far, but I still think it came out ok.

Also, by no means are these the only 3 ingredients needed to make a good kung fu movie.  But they’re definitely things that wouldn’t hurt in my opinion.  Also, I KNOW I said 3 ingredients…and added a fourth.  The fourth is more of add on…not completely necessary.

And besides, these are more like…loose guidelines rather than rules.






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