Some character drawings…


I haven’t posted anything in a while.  And thought I’d just slap a few character drawings I’ve done recently here and catch up in one post.

When I do these type of drawings, they really are more like practice for me.  Or at least, that’s what I’ve been trying to do with them recently.  So I’d like to practice drawing more action oriented poses, and also to keep working on drawing women.

The above drawing is of “disco” Knightwing.  My favorite version of him, which was the original George Perez design.  I’ve always thought that DC should turn his title into a crime martial arts story.  It would be so much more interesting rather than having him as Batman-light.


This here Big Barda drawing I actually really enjoyed doing.  It was fun drawing a strong female character in a more intimidating pose.  Rather than having her look sexy or something typical.

Which leads me to….


This White Rabbit character….who I know nothing about.  But judging from her costume, I figured she was supposed to be some sort of sexy type villain.  And I did think it was funny that she had rabbit ears on….

I did enjoy giving her carrot cuff links though.

The Big Barda and White Rabbit drawings were done for The Sketch Lottery.  Knightwing was done for fun.





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