NY Comic Con – Booth 2010 – Signings!

nycc signings

The countdown begins, and I’m super excited to announce the guests I’ll be having at my booth for Comic Con next week!

It’s always a pleasure and honor for me getting friends to come do some signings, but this year just seems to have some more excitement for me.

Maybe its because the only place you’ll be able to meet Cliff Chiang will be at my booth.  Or maybe its because Cliff will be debuting his new Image Comics book with Brian Vaughn, Paper Girls.  And maybe it’s because I’ll have his NYCC Exclusive Giclee art print.

Or maybe its because Larry Hama will be at the booth both weekend days.  Or maybe its because Walter Simonson will be there on Saturday.

Or maybe its because all three of these guys will be at the booth on Saturday at the same time!

Yeah….I think that’s why.

Come by Epic Proportions Booth 2010.  It’s going to be fun.





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